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United Clinical Laboratories

United Clinical Laboratories

Contact Information

Company Name:United Clinical Laboratories
Contact: Mary Lee Roth - Human Resources Manager
Address: 205 Bluff Street Suite 1
Dubuque, IA 52001-6979
Phone: 563-690-4173
Web Site:
Internships:Company Internship Program Profile


United Clinical Laboratories (UCL) is a medical laboratory providing routine, emergency and reference laboratory services to Dubuque's major health care providers and people residing within a 50-mile radius.

UCL is recognized both locally and nationally for it's comittment to quality and it's innovative use of resources and technology.

UCL is a for-profit business venture owned by Mercy Hospital, Finley Hospital, and Pathology Associates.  The three owners created UCL in 1986 in anticipation of the current trends now seen in the health care industry.  Pathology Associates has seven board-certified pathologists located at Mercy and Finley Hospitals. They provide clinical laboratory consultation to patients and physicians in the Tri-State area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

UCL operates at five (5) sites (Mercy Medical Center - Dubuque, Mercy Medical Center - Dyersville, Unity Point Health - Finley Hospital, Medical Associates - Maquoketa, and Cathedral Square) fulfilling its mission of providing timely, accurate, laboratory results using cost effective production methods.

UCL has 160 well-trained, highly skilled, staff members, working both full and part time. Employment opportunities at UCL are wide-ranged including the traditional laboratory positions: medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, cytotechnologists, histotechnicians and phlebotomists. UCL also offers many non-traditional laboratory careers including: information technology, human resources management, materials management, accounting, and medical billing.

UCL has a strong committment to continuing education including tuition reimbursement and support for transition from one position to another.

Is the key member of the leadership team available to employees on second and third shifts providing direction, coaching, mentoring, problem resolution and administrative functions such as performance evalutaions. Actively resolves problems and works in concert with the site supervisors.

Check out this exciting opportunity to work at as a Medical Laboratory Aide at the Mercy Hospital site! If you love science, this may be the right fit for you!

The clerical staff is responsible for handling phone calls, processing patient data and payments, placing test orders/results, processing insurance payments, and maintaining laboratory records.

UCL is hiring for two Phlebotomy Apprentices! This is a paid position that will consist of both clinical and classroom education. They will train 20 hours a week for $10.00/hr on Monday-Friday from 5:00a.m.-9:00a.m.